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Pros and Cons of Tennis Court Surfaces

If you follow pro tennis in the slightest, or if you’ve ever experimented with different tennis court surfaces, you know that the surface affects one’s game. This is why some tennis pros rake in tournament titles on a particular court surface but rarely make it to the finals when playing atop other materials. The surface […]

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Behind the Fuzz: History of the Tennis Ball

The fresh tube of tennis balls you just purchased has a legacy that can be traced back to 12th century European monks. In fact, some historians argue that the earliest accounts of tennis could date all the way back to Ancient Egypt. Before the iconic yellow fuzz-covered rubber ball zoomed across Wimbledon’s grass courts or […]

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Tennis Tech Review: Babolat Play Pure Drive

The recently introduced Babolat Play Pure Drive ($399 USD) brings the tennis community access to performance data to which only athletes like runners and cyclists were privy to for years. The Babolat Play has the appearance of a traditional racquet (all the same specs as the Babolat Pure Drive), yet sensors embedded in its handle gather a […]

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