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Breaking Down Tennis Strings

The year 1874 marked the first use of lawn tennis racquets, and therefore strings. These original tennis strings were composed of sheep’s stretchy outer intestine skin called serosa. Approximately six sheep were required to make one set of strings. Pierre Babolat, founder of French string company Babolat (oldest company to specialize in racquet sports) began […]

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Tennis Gear: Prince 2014 Racquet Collection

Now that winter has released its icy grip on most of the country, tennis enthusiasts are returning to the courts in droves. But as you practice volleying or a new spin on your backhand, you might discover that your current racquet no longer meets your performance demands. With credit or debit card in hand, hit […]

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Tech for Tennis

In a society bombarded by data and always within arms reach of the Internet, why not sift through the heap of digital info to find tools to improve your tennis game? Although the sport of tennis seemed slow to jump on the trend of using apps and electronic devices to step up individual games, there […]

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